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We are small breeders, owners and admirers of the amazing Labrador retriever.  I have owned Labradors all my life. Growing up, I marveled at their ability, not only as a valued family member, but also as a working dog willing and capable of braving icy waters, wind and tough terrain to retrieve the game my father and brothers brought to our table each winter.  


I’m a military historian by profession and Les is a maintenance mechanic for a military base.  We started this project as “something to do” because our four kids were grown with their own families out of state.  It has grown into a business that we really enjoy and hope to continue growing. It has given us a way to compete in sports, get to know some amazing people and dogs, and rewards us with quite a bit of job satisfaction.  We put a lot of hard work, love and care into our dogs and puppies in order to share that gift with you.    


The Labrador has been the most registered AKC breed for more than 20 years.  They are loyal, intelligent and versatile. Their short, wash and wear coat is almost as easy to maintain as their calm, gentle temperament.  Labs also use their many talents in medical alert, seeing eye, explosive and drug detection, search and tracking, and many other types of valuable assistance to their human companions.  


We breed healthy puppies and raise them with the foundation to excel at whatever adventures their new owners have in mind.  We compete in AKC field, obedience, rally, dock diving, conformation and other events. Our breeding dogs have all learned obedience and good house manners, as well as earned titles to assure that they will produce the best next generation of puppies to join you in your journeys and adventures.  All breeding stock has been tested or cleared by parentage for the recommended genetic diseases, including exercise induced collapse and dilute gene, and have OFA and/or PennHip clearances.


Our puppies are born and raised in our home.  We raise one litter at a time. They are litter box trained and exposed to various textures, surfaces, walks through the woods and other types of experiences depending on the weather and conditions.  We (and the pack) spend as much time as possible with the puppies to ensure that they are well socialized before going home with you.

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